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  • Published on Friday, 17 May 2019 07:41
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Stay positive, work hard, and make it happen!” is my life motto. My days at the school dormitory come to an end and on the school graduation ceremony, I’m very grateful that I could dedicate my latest achievement to my parents – Fetrisonand Desi Susanti.  I’m very excited and proud that I could accomplish to achieve the highest average on computer-based national examination (UNBK) among students of SMAN Sumatera Selatan majoring in science with 94.25/100 of average score.

 destry_1.jpegMy name is Destry Pradita. I am the first child of three siblings. I was born in a disadvantaged family; my Dad works as a labor and my Mom is a housewife. As the eldest child, I must have a strong determination to become a good role model and make my family proud of me.  I’ve established a strong willingness into real action with long-list of achievements I could createduring high school periods, such as:

1. Graded A for IGCSE Mathematics

2. Graded B for IGCSE Physics

3. The first winner of Energy Saving Competition

4. The third winner of Choir Competition for Veteran Day

5. The third winner of Choir Competition held by SMAN 16 Palembang

6. The winner of third consolation prize of Science Quiz Contest Mineral Cup

7. The winner of first consolation prize of Choir Competition held by SMAN 18 Palembang

To be the top achiever in science major at SMAN Sumatera Selatan is not an easy matter. I have my own strategies to succeed the computer-based national examination such as getting assistance from teachers when I faced some difficulties to understand the learning materials, drilling examination type-of-question from many different resources, entering various try-outs inside or outside of the school, and certainly praying to God and requesting blessing from my parents for the best results of the examination. With the achievements I obtained, I feel so happy and am grateful to God because all of my hard-works is paid off.

I am now continuing my study in an undergraduate program of Bandung  Intitute of Technology (ITB) majoring in mining and oil engineering through SNMPTN. I underwent so many precious experiences during my study at SMAN Sumatera Selatan. Not only was my leadership skill sharpened, My friends  and I were taught the importance of internalizing religious values in all aspects of my life and encouraged to balance both academic and non-academic areas along my study periods at school. To me, this is priceless thing that I will not get in other school but in SMAN Sumatera Selatan.

Although I had to live at the dormitory which is far away from home, I whose born in Tanjung Enim on 25 of September 2001 never felt worry about that. The main reason was because I experienced very strong bond of love and family atmosphere at the dormitory of SMAN Sumatera Selatan which led me not to ever feel lonely but instead feeling that I lived among my new family.

As a student who likes a lot of readings, I have a big dream that when I have started my college lives, I can still become an active, passionate, and full of achievements type of student. All the hope goes for my very ultimate dream to become mining engineer of the future.


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