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bu handa

Hello everyone! It’s been a pleasure for me to see this school grows since the first year in 2009 and to witness the progress of its great students. Throughout this year, there are lots of achievements marked by students this. Four students have made it through the national-wide the Olimpiade Siswa Nasional (OSN), held in Palembang, May 15th to 17th 2016, and some had won ISPO, LKIR, and OPSI, making up no less than 5 national medals this year. We did our first computer-based national exam (UNBK), and our two students had done so wonderfully; Alfian grabbing the highest score (of science major) while Fio coming 2nd (of social major) overall South Sumatera. Not to mention that in school level, we were notified the 2nd highest among schools in the province for social major. Let   us achieve better next year. Thank you.

 Handayani, S. Pd (Head Of Academic )


pak eko

The above is aJavanesse’sphilosophywhich has a meaning that those who seek for knowledge must try hard. I know that the success achieved by SMAN Sumatera Selatan is noteasily achieved; it is achieved with enormous efforts.At the end of this year, I feel proud of the outstanding achievements of students both in academics and non-academics. The success of the various activities suchas Student Inauguration, Leadership&Solo Camp, OSIS Final Project, Model United Nations, Youth Conference and Student Graduationhasgivenextraordinary experiencesnot onlyfor students, making them ready to become leaders, but also for teaching & non-teaching staff creating better teamwork and coordination. I know it is going to be better next year, so let us all stay positive, then the result will follow.

Eko Valery Fredie, M. Pd (Head Of Student Services )


bu naya To MEE team, the above quote has been what drives us throughout the year. SMAN Sumatera Selatan has got its culture of good that just needs to transform to so called its ‘branding’. We understand that we may only have one opportunity to   make a first   impression, so we have tried our best to make it excellent. While the school’s newsletters, profiles, leaflet, merchandises, goodie bags, yearbook are our physical branding tools, the social media platforms like our website, facebook   page, twitter and instagram,   youtube channel digitally have gathered a massive public attention for us, resulting to >1.300 student-applicants this year. School’s layout is now greater with more pictures to tell visitors of the great stories this school   has in its history. We also have gained   better relationship with media like newspapers and TV stations, making us published for tens this year. I could only thank the team of their hard & smart work this year and hope for a better achievement next   year.

  Kurniawati, M. Pd (Head Of Marketing Event & Eksternal Relation )


pak Amir

 Aristotle tell us that “we are the sum of our actions and motivations”. His word reasonate with me personally. As part of sman sumatera selatan member, i appreciate the premise that individual’s cummulative actions can result in fantastic end result. At sman   sumatera selatan, we have taken this  even further. We have taken action years and we have done so collectively and i can only pay tribute to the outcomers. We have had our remarkable  year at sman sumatera selatan and the school has grown from strength   to strength. Therefore, i could only thank all of us, most especially the       operational team of sman sumatera selatan; maintenance staff, administrations, ga, finances, procurements, it, librarians, laboratory assistant and other office supports for their     professionalism, excellence and dedication to achieve the goals over the time. I am most delighted to work with such  great personnel i could imagine. Let us all dream a better work next year, and only together we will make it true.

 M. Amiruddin, S. Pd (Head Of Operational )



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