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  • Category: OPINION
  • Published on Saturday, 04 February 2017 12:16
  • Written by Marketing, Events & External Relations
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“ I want you do it blindfolded, so you dont stop at a certain point when you can go further”

arif2 years living in SMAN Sumatera Selatan is the fastest one that I ever felt. Every times I take shower at afternoon, the memories here rise up like they always remind me that I don’t have so much time to spend. It includes a year ahead that I’m going to undergo far away from my home and dormitory, and far away from family and my friends whom I’ve been loving. It’s an exchange year of me, in a hot and dry city in the west of United States of America, in Phoenix that belongs to Arizona. 

Allow me to introduce myself, I’m Arif Bintang Abdillah, nearly called Mr. Abdillah, one of 88 candidates of Kennedy-Lugar Youth Exchange Study 2016-2017. It’s too tricky to write words here for a farewell remarks and motivation to all of you guys, friends and juniors, but it’s too lovely to miss this kind of words for I know I’m about to leave you for my coming journey. I would like to say thanks to every hands that have been helping me till now, for my beloved teachers and staffs, friends, housemates, classmates, chapter and national committee and family for every spirits you burn, and prayers you send to me.

I remember when I was a ten grader, I heard a story of my seniors who at that time would leave soon to USA through this “KL-YES” program. It sounded really great to me, that it inspired to me to follow his step to go also to USA. There are tests during more than a year that I should pass to finally hold my visa, passports and my ticket to leave soon to USA. General Knowledge test, essay writing, interview, FGD, and other tests had chosen me as one of 88 candidates in Indonesia that still stand from more than 10.000 participants. Absolutely, I’d like to confess that it is truly the gift from God, to me as one of the best chance that I got so far. I believe that as I closer to the God, He will make my way easier. 

Walking till this point, requires a lot of sacrifices, as much as other winners take. I remember on how I should stay for preparation and let my friends joined Solo Camp, on how my parents and I should join the conference when we were ill, on how many papers I should fill and hours I should leave the class. But it worths it. Because if you truly do it, so you will get it.

After all, I will be placed far away in Phoenix and be hosted by complete parents with 3 younger host borther and sisters. I will go to school in Central High School and soon leave in the first of August. I promise to give my best efforts as a representative of Indonesia and SMAN Sumatera Selatan, to be a good example of how exchange students ought to be. 

To my juniors, I now encourage you to have your own way that you will walk through it. Find your passion, hardwork on it, pray for it, and do it blindfolded, so you will not stop in certain point when you can go further. You break your limits, and prove to everyone that you have your own way as awinner. Perhaps, KL-YES program is also one of your way. To my friends, I promise to use my chance wisely because I’ve got all your trust. I promise not to waste my time for bad experience, instead a good experience for making our school better in future. Keep your fire in your hearts to study and struggle, and dont let it die, since you and I will meet up at the top.

Of All, I’d like to ask apologize and I am truly sorry for any mistakes I’ve made. I hope the best for your coming trashed-to- be obstacles. I dont hope for any miss communication, so keep contacting me, and I keep contacting you. I can’t give the beautiful words, I just wish to see you smile after reading this, as wide as mine when I wrote this to y’all.

Best Regards


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